Power-over-Ethernet Solutions that Enable the Future of Sustainable Intelligent Buildings

Our environments are smarter, more adaptable and more unified than ever before, and they require cabling that is just as efficient and versatile. To meet these demands, Superior Essex developed PowerWise®, the industry-leading Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) cable suite specifically designed to help you optimize, customize and unify your enterprise space.

Power-over-Ethernet is the cabling technology that defines the digital era. By transmitting power and data over a single Ethernet cable, PoE gives you the capability to meet the unique connectivity requirements of your enterprise and enables you to create an efficient, dynamic environment that’s both customizable and easy to manage. 

Get to know our product families of smart, sustainable, PowerWise® cables below to learn how we are empowering the next evolution of Sustainable Intelligent Buildings to be more efficient and interconnected than previous generations had ever even imagined.

One Cable for Hundreds of Applications

Where is PowerWise® Being Used?


From enterprises and educational facilities to hotels and hospitals, the benefits of PoE span a variety of industries and applications.

Meet Our Sustainable Intelligent Building Partners

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